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Observation planning and finding charts for HiPERCAM

IMPORTANT: as of v0.5 hcam_finder has the correct rotator centre and offset for the GTC. If you installed prior to this, make sure you delete the config file `~/.hfinder/config` and update to the latest version.

hcam_finder provides a Python script hfinder for observation planning with HiPERCAM on the WHT and GTC. It allows you to generate finding charts as well as specify the instrument setup you require, whilst providing an estimate of observing cadence, exposure time and S/N estimates.

hcam_finder is written in Python and is based on TKinter. It should be compatible with Python2 and Python3.


The software is written as much as possible to make use of core Python components. It requires my own hcam_widgets module. It also relies on the third party libraries astropy for astronomical calculations and catalog lookup, as well as ginga for image display. Optionally, you can also use astroquery to expand the range of surveys one can download images from.

Installing using pip should take care of these dependencies. Simply install with:

pip install hcam_finder

or if you don’t have root access:

sudo pip install hcam_finder


pip install --user hcam_finder


hfinder is of course entirely bug free! However, if you do find an issue, please raise it at the github page.

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